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Baerii is for everyone, Osietra is for connoisseurs, Beluga is for the few.

Baerii caviar

Baerii is the type of caviar that we would recommend to those who have not tasted real, fresh caviar before. It is mild, but with a freshness and smooth taste, which characterizes Baerii caviar. It has a nice, intense body, but a relatively short aftertaste. Baerii caviar comes from sustainable farmed sturgeon, like all our caviar types.


Osietra caviar

Osietra caviar has more character, a greater intensity, more taste nuances and a longer aftertaste. It is typically Osietra caviar that is used as benchmark for grading and separating the eggs in different colours.


Beluga caviar

Beluga is considered to be the king of caviar. The eggs are considerably larger than the ones from Baerii and Osietra. You will experience a rich and creamy taste. The nuances are even more concentrated and subtle. The Beluga sturgeon matures very late, at the earliest after 10-12 years.

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Every single sturgeon is unique.
This makes it even more exciting to break the seal of a new tin. Which tones
will this caviar have?


Gastronomic poetry

The book takes you on a poetic and sensuous journey with pictures of beautiful caviar dishes created by some of the best chefs in the Northern region.


The restaurants are: Bind, Brøndums, Falsled kro, Gammel Mønt, Gastromé, Lieffroy, Lumskebugten, Meirei Dirk Luther (Flensburg), Pasfall, Rudolf Mathis, Sortebro Kro, Svinkløv Badehotel, Vollmers (Malmø) og Ylajali (Oslo).
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Mother of pearl spoons

Fresh caviar must never be consumed with a metal spoon or fork, since it can ruin the taste.

Stokkebye Caviar and Wine have made their own mother of pearl spoons for you to buy.



You can now buy a giftbox with Baerii, Osietra or Beluga caviar packed with one mother of pearl spoon.

Imagine the sturgeon swimming around for up to 15-30 years. It is not particularly beautiful on the outside, but every year it becomes more and more beautiful on the inside. Caviar should be enjoyed with rapt attention.



You can buy our caviar and book here

Kjaer Sommerfeldt, Cph. & Aarhus
Klingenberg ost og delikatesser, Odense
Magnusson Fine Wine AB, Stockholm, Sweden
Erik Sørensen Vin, Hellerup


Klingenberg ost og delikatesser, Odense

You can buy our book here

Kunst & Køkkentøj, Cph., Aarhus & Malmoe
ARoS Artmuseum, Aarhus
Bog og Ide, Charlottenlund
Greens Boghandel, Virum
Illums Bolighus, Aarhus
Kjaers Bøger, Odense
Salling, Aarhus

You can also purchase the book at the restaurants listed above